Karma Karma is an independently owned coffeehouse located in West Omaha on the northeast corner of 156th and Dodge streets. Karma Koffee was founded in 2014 by Jeff Wilke. Karma derives its name from a conversation that Jeff had with his spiritual mentor Deepak Chopra. Jeff met Deepak while studying Primordial Sound Mediation in the process of his recovery from prescription medications and alcohol addiction. Jeff stopped drinking and using in August 20, 2011 and has since committed his time, talent and treasure to assisting others on their journey.  Be it recovery or simply the vagaries of life.

Karma Koffee invites guests to breathe a little deeper upon entering.  Our warm yet awakening colors and eclectic furnishing draw our guests nearer to themselves, and others, for the coffee break you deserve. You’ll enjoy your handmade custom coffee beverage in the confines of comfort.  From your Crown chakra to your Root chakra you’ll feel the vibrations.  Good good good vibrations.

Karma Koffee offers a wide selection of the best treats and snacks made from
scratch locally. We offer homemade soups daily, assorted teas from Tea Smith, Dr. Smoothie smoothies,and an assortment of unique gifts.

Karma Koffee is pet-friendly if your pet is friendly. Karma Koffee’s minimum wage is $10.10 per hour. Our people are the difference.  Please give us a chance to show you why.